This is the second stage of the project to make the characters of Touhou Project flat chested.

今日のAIイラスト - Today's AI Illustration -


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Comments on the illustration

This is the second installment of "Touhou Poverty Shou," a project to make Touhou characters with poor tits. This is the second time.
The second character is Flandre Scarlett!


"I thought she originally had poor tits."

I do not accept such comments.

"Or rather, isn't she a areta?"

Fran is 495 years old.



I'm sorry.

I was going to make Marisa next in order, but I had a sudden urge to make one, so I jumped ahead to the Extra Boss of Touhou Koumagou.
Well, I'm going to work on all the characters I can make anyway, so I'll take it easy.
If there are any Touhou characters you would like me to make first, please send me a request.

As for the creation of the character, the feathers are very tricky to create. It is almost impossible to create them as in the original work, so I gave up on it in the middle of the project...
Also, since I could only create indoor backgrounds, it was a bit difficult to expand that area as well.
The other difficult part was the facial expressions. This time, I used "evil smile" and "evil smile,smirk" to give a somewhat provocative, smirky look.

To be honest, it's been so long since I did the original work that I've forgotten a lot of the character settings and such, so I'm not sure if this expression is the right one.
I'm thinking of redoing it again.


Current Production status] Chie Katase's resurrection project
A lot of copyrighted characters (Pekora Usuda, Ascalang Gray, Rin Kagamine, Neduko Kamado, etc.)
Touhou Poverty Tits Shou

Request Status
High-leg provocative brown girl

If you have any requests, please feel free to comment or use discord.


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    その他は難しかったのが表情的なもの。今回は「evil smile」「evil smile,smirk」などを使用してやや挑発的でメスガキな感じにしています。









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