A flat chested girl called for a private health checkup.



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Comments on the illustration

" Chie Katase, since you missed your physical last time, we will do it privately; please come to the nurse's office during your third period class."

Chie is summoned and instructed to undress on the spot. She wonders why, but is urged to "hurry up and take the measurements or the class will be over," and before she can even think about it, she is undressing one by one.

She even takes off her pants to suppress her embarrassment...

This was requested quite some time ago, but for various reasons, we had put its generation on hold.
This is a series of "a girl with flat chest shyly undergoes a private health checkup in the infirmary".
I personally like the third one, though she wanted to have a "downcast look".

The person who requested this series is a well-known person in the flat chest industry, and I am very happy to have been able to do this activity.

I have been thinking since the beginning of generating AI illustrations, but AI illustrations tend to be single illustrations because they are just too weakly involved.
There is no way I can get excited by an illustration of a naked girl standing on a stick just because it is easy to create.
Therefore, I try to make the illustrations I generate as much as possible have a storyline with backgrounds and sequential illustrations so that the viewer can get emotionally involved.

Although this illustration was a request, I think we were able to make the most of it. It's difficult to do this every time, but I would like to make something like this.

I will be releasing additional illustrations and more stripped-down illustrations over the weekend, so please check them out and give me your support.
By the way, this time the poor girl is Chie Katase, who is making her first appearance on this blog. She was the main character in the early days of my activities, but for various reasons she was replaced by Akira Minami, poor girl... Akira-san is a girl who doesn't show her emotions, so I would like to use Chie-chan for this type of expressive illustration.

Current Production status] Chie Katase revival project
A lot of copyrighted characters
Touhou Poverty Tits Shou

The second attempt at illustrations with a female girl-like look.
Exploring the possibilities of Shota

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