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Since pixiv was suddenly frozen due to mysterious pressure, I am working without pornography in my new pixiv account. I laugh at the lack of growth in followers because of the blatant lack of followers.

I've been trying to do mainly art-like works on pixv, and I've been trying landscape-like illustrations for a while now, but it's not easy with this model. To be precise, it is because I can make landscape illustrations themselves, but when I combine them with human figures, I end up with a lot of bankruptcy. I think it's a side effect of merging models all over the place in order to create a poor girl.

I wonder what I should do about pixiv. I am aware once again that the power of eroticism is great, because when there was eroticism, the number of followers increased at a pace of 2000~3000 per month.
It seems that AI illustrations of realistic areta are extinct, and probably my poor girl was also treated as a gipo, but I may try to be on the edge of what is not allowed, even if it is obvious adult poor breast modeling. But from a quick glance, it looks like live-action type rather than are illustrations are now nixed? Please let me know if you are an expert.

[Current production status] Chie Katase's revival project A lot of copyrighted characters I am trying again to make illustrations that look like a female girl.

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