I will start a project to make Tohou characters with poor tits.



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I'm going to do a project.
The name of the project is "Touhou Flat chest Show".
This project is simply a project to make the characters of Touhou into flat chested ones.

I feel that there are not many official Touhou characters with poor tits other than the so-called "areta" characters, so it is worthwhile to make them poor.
I think this site is the only one in the world that uses such a mysterious word as "poor tits".
For now, I think I'll start with characters from Touhou Benimago and work my way up.

I've been playing for a while, but I've recently been considering returning to the game after a short hiatus. You have more new characters. My favorite character is Youmu. I wonder if "myon" and "⑨" are still understood?
I like Reimu because of her very fetishistic miko outfit. I can't get enough of the perversity of being able to see her armpits while also covering her side boobs. I think that is the reason why most of the miko outfits have normal to big tits, but the poor tits also look good in miko outfits. Since she has a strong image of being in a hot spring, more illustrations of hot springs are generated. Each submission site also contributes different illustrations, so please check them out.
By the way, I made the gallery easier to see from today. Some people said it was difficult to see from a mobile phone. What do you think? I would like to make it easier for smartphone users to view the illustration collection by using Discord. Please support us.

Current Production status] Chie Katase revival project
A lot of copyrighted characters
Touhou Poverty Tits Shou
Trying to make illustrations like a female girl again.
Exploring the possibilities of Shota

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    私は東方紅魔郷~東方永夜抄辺りまでルナティッククリアぐらいまでガチガチにやってた時期がありますが、その後少し離れて最近復帰を検討しているところです。新キャラ増えたね。 好きなキャラは妖夢です。「みょん」とか「⑨」とか今でも通じるんだろうか?








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